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Crime Preventing Camera

Wireless DIY Camera

Next-Gen Camera

The wireless security camera system coupled with live guards offers multi-layered protection to keep your family and property safe.

122०F | 49०C

Heat Rating

-4०F | -20०C

Cold Rating


Water Rating

Lightning Fast AI

Packed with local AI Security Prevention, the smart Hub packs a punch for the wireless security cameras with 24/7 live guard surveillance.

The Only System with Live Guards.

AI live Guards have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your property. Live guards proactively monitor and take action instantly through the 104db speaker. No other wireless security system prevents crime like AI live Guards.


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System Specs

How Norita Live Security Guards security camera works?

Smart Camera AI, Quick Response, and Live Monitoring Guards.

Proactive Signage
Putting a proactive and visible sign with a statement: “This is the wrong home to mess with. It is armed with the most proactive security system out there.” makes criminals think twice before messing with your home or property.
Motion Detector

Our camera wakes up in fractions of a second, records live feed to a local AI Hub (artificial intelligence), the Hub makes an assessment for possible threats real-time. It simultaneously sends quick feed to our Live Guards via high-speed internet connection.

Professional touch & live intervention

Our trained Live Monitoring Guards are constantly on-watch, analyzing all the intrusive movement. Within seconds, they decide what intervention would be necessary. They use your camera’s 2-way 104db speakers and a built-in police siren. Most of the time, a simple word “ Hello, you are being recorded. How can I help you?” will make intruders flee from your property instantly.

Calling Law Enforcement
Our Live Guards contact Law Enforcement within seconds, whilst they deal with the intruders on your property, and our Guards pass on crucial details to the police including suspect decsriptions and other important facts that enable instant Law Enforcement response.

Wireless Security Cameras: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Camera System Warranty?

Warranty runs for a minimum of one year. After one year, you can still get the system replaced for free if any malfunction occurs, as long as you are still signed up.

What is the Price of AI Live Guards?

If you think about it, it’s much cheaper than hiring a 24/7 guard from anywhere else.

Can I Activate the Alarm?

Presently only AI live Guards can activate the alarm. You can however, receive live stream of all your cameras via your mobile device.

How Many Cameras Are In The Package?

You get 3 cameras and 4 batteries. Another battery is always ready and loaded in the Hub. You can however, order more cameras from us.

Will Batteries Work If I am on Vacation?

One month vacation is absolutely possible. The batteries can even hold for 2-3 months without needing a recharge.

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