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How to Boost Your Home Security with Night Vision Cameras.

Burglars love to prowl around at night. Searching for easy targets to lynch. It could be your home, business or property. Since most traditional security cameras become useless in pitch darkness, we worry so much, as night time and darkness approaches.

Burglars know and love this too. So how can you boost your security camera’s night time performance, such that you can be safe and at peace by night, just as you are by day?

Let’s go through 5 best, instant fix ways you can adopt and apply:

1.  Put Up More Lights To Cover The Area.

This one may sound too obvious, yet it’s the most important thing to do. Simply make the area as bright as possible, and you have already vastly improved your security camera’s night vision. If you are working on a tight budget, and can’t afford new lights, then simply leave your house lights on, all night.

This can work superbly especially if some of those lights, are outdoor. You can install a timer to get your lights to switch on as it gets dark, and to switch off as soon as dawn emerges.

You can do what I did. I took off some of my outdoor 90 watt bulbs, replaced them with better efficiency 15 watt LED bulbs. I save a lot on power bills, so I can keep my lights on all night. You can also save money by putting motion sensor active outdoor lights. They brighten up your area only if there is movement.

It takes a simple-fix screwing in a motion sensor accessory, to turn your ordinary light into a motion sensitive light. Once installed, there are settings you can dial in that can keep your lights on for selected periods of time, once a motion activates the light. 

Some lights turn on 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and so forth. Now if you use a motion sensor activated light, then you can afford to sacrifice and go for a higher wattage light, making the area even brighter.

You can also use solar lights, though this option will give you lighting that does not shine too brightly. Still a little bit more light is all you need, for your camera’s night vision to improve. 

Your will find solar light installation an easy plug and play. No electrician required. No city permits. You can just do it yourself. 

Some of the solar lights come packed ready for installation, and you just stick them into the ground along your garden walkways, or you use one simple masonry drill bit per mount to drill them onto your walls.

As long as you can afford it, try to make the area as bright as possible. Some lights are actually so good that they provide enough illumination to keep your camera fixated on color all night long.  

The higher you mount the light up, the more you can reduce shadows on things like your car, poles and shrubs. I would go for a Mercury Vapor yard light to do that perfect job of enhancing my security camera night vision.

Still even as we add more outdoor lights, if we ignore caution on the next point, we may actually be reversing the benefits earned from adding more lights.

2. Don’t Install Lights Too Close to Your Security Camera.

IR Night Vision on NLSG Cameras.JPG
IR Night Vision on NLSG Cameras.JPG

Your camera needs the light to have perfect night vision, but it doesn’t need that light glaring straight into its lenses. If that ever happens, you get a distorted live recording. 

How does this happen? Your camera is designed to handle either a dim object (intruder) or a bright object (light), but it can’t handle both of them at the same time. So if your camera ever has to process both of them at once, you get a blurry dark video recording.

Also too much light forces your security camera to adjust by closing its “iris” just like us humans do when we attempt to look directly at the sun. 

Once the camera iris is shut, you simply get dark blurry live stream videos. Now if a burglar was lurking in your lawns, they could as well dash towards your door with your camera failing to pick the movement.

Also by having the light shine directly into your camera lenses, you will have confused the camera into thinking it is still daytime. Your camera thus, won’t switch to night mode, meaning, your infra-red lights also won’t switch on. That compounds your issue of having blurry dark live video streams.

Now how do you position your bright night lights, to compensate correctly to the mounted position of your security cameras? 

  • Mount the light at much higher elevation than the camera.
  • Rotate the light enough so as to shift its gaze away from your camera lenses.
  • Make sure the light is installed behind the camera’s field of view.

It will be worthwhile to note that some sophisticated burglars actually attempt to disable your security camera, by shining a bright light into your camera lenses. They may use for example, a SureFire G3 Nitrolon Flashlight. 

Now you can see the importance of not having a bright light incorrectly angled into your camera lenses.

3. Regularly Wipe Your Camera Lens Clean. 

This is also another useful but obvious one. Picture this, just like your optical medical glasses need to be wiped clean from time to time, so does your security camera lens.  Dirt, bird poop, spider webs, rain, and even human finger prints, all infect your camera lenses with a bit of sticky grime. 

So this grime causes your camera’s infra-red light to bounce back into the lenses. And this in turn gives you a blurred live stream video.

Still if you plan on cleaning the lenses, take care not to scratch the surface. That might impair your IP65 delicate camera lens.

A damp piece of soft cloth can do just fine. Especially if you can find silky smooth micro-fiber cloth. You can spray some glass cleaner chemical on the cloth, then use the wet one to wipe dirt off your camera lenses, whilst you use the dry one to dry it off, to avoid wet run across your camera lens.

4.Optimize And Limit The Area Covered by a Single Camera.

IR Night Vision on NLSG Cameras

Here you have to decide. What is it that you want to see covered at night, and during the day? Your porch and front yard? The sidewalks running along to the back of your property? Your backyard? Then the next question is – how big is your property?

You might want to bear in mind that at night, most cameras can only see well up to a distance of 40-50 feet. That is if they have infra-red capacitation. 

So if then you realize, a single camera won’t be able to effectively monitor the area, add as many cameras along the way in as much as they optimize the area you have covered. 

Where you have installed your live monitored camera, you will be able set up and test “your protection zone”. If you’ve bought an NLSG security camera from us, we provide you with guidelines on how to best set-up and optimize your cameras.

Once you have the correct number of cameras in place, protecting adequate and limited areas, then your cameras night vision will be instantly enhanced.

5. Don’t Install Your Camera Close to Shrubs and Reflective Surfaces.

Before you decide on the final position of your camera, check to see if there are any shrubs or surfaces that can reflect light back into your camera lenses. Trees and white walls can bounce light rays off and direct them into your camera lenses.

This in turn tends to cause a blinding glare that can greatly impair your cameras night vision performance.  When a shrub reflects light off its surface, it doesn’t do so evenly. Some parts of the shrub will be dark, whilst some parts will be too bright.

So your camera’s IR directed at that shrub, will tend to focus a lot on the bright parts of that shrub, whilst blurring out everything else that’s not too bright. That blurring is the impaired fuzzy video you then get. 

You will notice that most times, even with a Wide Dynamic Range setting to compensate for the light variations, still you will fail to get the best quality in your security video stream if the shrub is very close to the camera and the intensity of light bouncing off its leaves is more intense.

So if you can’t help it but badly need the camera to be in that same position, then maybe you have no choice but to cut down any trees and shrubs that are in the way. 

When it comes to white reflective walls however, the choice of breaking down your walls just to accommodate you security camera night performance, will not be an option.  Your only feasible option might be to pivot your cameras away from the walls. 

This might just work, since the intruder you want to protect yourself from, always comes from out your property, instead of coming from inside.


If you need images that look crisp and clear by night, as much as they look by day. Then you need to install cameras with infra-red lights to allow you to get vivid videos.

Our IP65 dust and rain water resistant cameras at Norita Live Security Guards offer just that kind of unparalleled night vision. 

We offer you top brand Starlight Low-Light Technology that we use in our infra-red LED lights design, to provide unmatched image pixel quality, top of the class gain control, and very bright imagery compared to any old technology currently on the market.

As shown in the example below, your live stream videos will look good by night as well as by day on NLSG cameras. 

If you were wondering, how do our NSLG cameras end up being so much better, compared to the competition?

Well, the answer lies in the how we use much more sophisticated Starlight Low-Light Technology in our IR cameras compared to some of the top performing market alternatives.  

Our cameras use active IR, others use traditional IR. Here is the difference. Traditional IR uses ambient infrared light. It tends to produce grainy live video streams. 

On the other hand, the Active IR on our NLSG cameras uses the spot light technique, our cameras ping out an infra-red light so sharp that it is invisible to the naked eye.

Our Starlight Low-Light Technology with its IR cut filter (ICR), will notice the change to low light and will switch to night mode. While in night mode, the IR cut filter will disconnect itself, allowing your camera lens to receive as much infra-red light as possible, coming from the object.

The result is a crispy clear video that comes out in color, even in very bad visibility night conditions, up to about 40 feet.

Now with these top tips, go visit our shop and get yourself one of our NLSG camera sets for your home, family and business protection by day or night.



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