How Our Security Cameras Work

Norita Live Security Guards Products

Your security services provider giving you full property live monitoring and assured safety.

Gen2 Wireless Cameras
  • Completely hassle-free no wire networks
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Very suitable for small storefronts, shops, and other small-to-medium sized businesses
Rechargeable Batteries
  • Feel safe and always protected even in power outages. These 9,600 mAh batteries ensure prolonged camera uptime. No need to worry about unexpected downtimes.
AI Powered Hub
  • Experience our cutting-edge, super-fast AI processor Hub, that can quickly discern a security threat with 100% accuracy and with zero false alarms, sending live footage to your mobile and to our live monitoring guards. Letting the guards act swiftly to deter a break in and allowinng them to call Law Enforcement agents, well before you, your family or your property face any harm.

How Norita Live Security Guards security camera works?

Smart Camera AI, Quick Response, and Live Monitoring Guards.
Proactive Signage
Putting a proactive and visible sign with a statement: “This is the wrong home to mess with. It is armed with the most proactive security system out there.” makes criminals think twice before messing with your home or property.
Motion Detector

Our camera wakes up in fractions of a second, records live feed to a local AI Hub (artificial intelligence), the Hub makes an assessment for possible threats real-time. It simultaneously sends quick feed to our Live Guards via high-speed internet connection.

Professional touch & live intervention

Our trained Live Monitoring Guards are constantly on-watch, analyzing all the intrusive movement. Within seconds, they decide what intervention would be necessary. They use your camera’s 2-way 104db speakers and a built-in police siren. Most of the time, a simple word “ Hello, you are being recorded. How can I help you?” will make intruders flee from your property instantly.

Calling Law Enforcement
Our Live Guards contact Law Enforcement within seconds, whilst they deal with the intruders on your property, and our Guards pass on crucial details to the police including suspect decsriptions and other important facts that enable instant Law Enforcement response.
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