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Georgia Residents near Sandy Springs – Your Door Locks Have You Do THIS on Netflix Sunday?

Imagine… that’s exactly what Sergeant Salvador Ortega thought, as well.

In as much as all police officers in the Sandy Springs Police Department and surrounding counties, worry so much about how to keep you, your family and your property, safe from home break-ins…

Still… if you don’t have a security camera installed, they might just say to you:

You can always have cameras, you can always have alarm systems in place and these things do help prevent, they serve as a deterrent,
— Salvador Ortega, Sergeant, Sandy Springs Police Department, Nov 2021.

Or you might hear other scared and concerned Sandy Springs folk say:

I told officers I didn’t feel safe anymore at home. They said… “Install surveillance cameras. As long as you haven’t been attacked yet, there is nothing we can do.” I did just that. Installed some security cameras. Days later, I was awoken early one April morning. An alert popped onto my mobile, from my security camera service provider. Someone had broken into my home with a sledgehammer! An armed intruder, I alerted the police.
— P. Brent, Sandy Springs Resident. Aug 2021.
SADLY… It’s a challenge to feel safe when your already installed security camera can only act as a repository of court evidence. Instead of the camera helping to protect your family from getting harmed.

Yes. That’s very sadly true.

Reality is… those security camera clips may end up being too little too late, if you’ve been murdered on your home break-in, or if you’ve been seriously injured. At that point having or not having court evidence, won’t be enough to console you.

Yet it can be worse if you don’t have any security camera installed at all. Like 78% of other scared Americans who are yet to install one. Some of these folks have not yet realized, that a neighbor’s security camera, can scarcely record footage that could save their life or their family.

Now does your dilemma sound familiar?

We have a solution… we have our NLSG Live Monitoring Security Camera System, which we always provide with 24/7 Pro-active Real Human Guards. At a fraction of what it costs you to get a Real Human Personal Guard on your property.

Precisely, our remote Live Guards and monitored camera system both cost only 2% what it costs you annually, to get just a single Real Human Personal Guard. If you hang on and read this to the end, I promise I shall explain how it precisely works out.

Now IMAGINE instead… the safety we offer YOU:

  • 24/7 Trained and Pro-active Live Human Guards – monitoring your cameras to prevent break-ins, before they happen.
  • Our Live Guards have access to all USA Police – you are covered by our “Standing Signed Agreement” for 30 seconds Police response escalation, in place between our affiliated security service and the police.
  • 1080HD Security Camera with 16 infrared sensors – you get close-up recognition at night with auto-light compensation, that prevents wash-out effect. Your camera will be able to pick up perfect forms in 40 feet pitch darkness.
  • 130 degree angle of view per camera – a single camera can easily cover your whole front porch and sidewalk.
  • Two Way 104-decibel Built-in Speaker – You are able to shout at intruders via your mobile App, even when not at home. Our Live Guards too – can shout at and scare intruders for you. As they always do. 100% guaranteed. The speakers are so loud and scary, we see all intruders flee off your property.
  • Police Siren at 104-decibels – You get a camera that can sound blast criminals with a Police Siren. Just that is enough to make them mess some pants in fear.
  • Police Strobing Lights – You get a camera that can light up the crime scene with Police lights. Just that is enough to make them mess some pants in fear. 100% intruders will flee from your property.
  • Water resistant IP65– you get your cameras in plated gun metal casing for extra hydro-resistance and guaranteed never to be out of action.
  • Mobile App – You can access any and all of your security cameras, anytime, from your mobile device. You can set up alert profiles of what you want to be notified of, on your mobile. You can shout at intruders via your mobile.
  • Easy DIY Installation – You get a camera set that we deliver with a screw driver, and a mounting set, only requiring one screw per camera. Easy to set up your whole system in less than 30 minutes.
  • 3 Months Long-life Rechargeable Batteries – recharging takes mere seconds. You just swap the empty battery for a full one, which you get from inside the HUB.

And all this comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the product to us in its original package and we will refund all your money back, less only a shipping fee of $9.99. If you are not satisfied, it will be like you have used our product for 30 days for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

With such total safety camera features, and a risk-free 30 day cash-back guarantee—why wouldn’t you purchase a Live Monitoring Camera system from Norita Live Security Guards?

Our Value Proposition?

You may wonder, what sets NLSG apart from any other security camera services provider. Why us? ADT, Vivint and SimpliSafe do offer live monitoring cameras that stream to your mobile as well. Then they let you monitor on your own.

They leave the responsibility for taking action, in your hands. So what makes us different?

We offer you more pro-active security services instead. We offer what no other firm offers. Real Live Human Guards who:

  • Monitor your camera footage in real time, 24/7, even when you are asleep, or not at home,
  • Our Guards shout at and scare off armed criminals off your property,
  • Our Guards can set-off your camera alarms and siren, making intruders flee from your property,
  • Our Guards call the Police with 30 seconds Police Response Escalation,
  • Our Guards provide Police with full details of how many criminals are on your property, and how armed they are,
  • Our Guards provide Police with up-to-date PRECISE locations of the criminals on your property, even when you’ve locked yourself up in the basement for safety, as long as the criminals are still outside your property, and
  • Our Guards provide police with your exact address and can give Police your mobile number for you to direct them if ever they get lost on the way.

Our security camera package is one of a kind, no one else offers the valuable extras above.

Yet… that’s surprisingly not all.

Now we come to our promise. That further down we would provide you with a cost break down, of how our security camera system is comparatively cheaper for you, than all our combined competition.

And this adds more juice to our “Value Proposition.” Here’s is how and why we are cheaper for you.

Our security camera services cost, just as much as any other similar service. Yet, on the same package, we offer live monitoring at a monthly subscription of only $80 per Hub and $40 per camera.

Personal Guards on your property, could have cost you $15 an hour. A month has 720 hours that gives you a monthly cost of $10,800. Compared to just $200 monthly. Which is our monthly monitoring fee that we charge for a 3 camera system with one Hub.

Now that’s an astounding saving of $10,600 you can SAVE each month. Or rather, let’s suppose you never could have afforded to pay $10,800 for personal guarding for your family, for yourself and for your property.

Well… in that case, by simply buying our security camera set, we would love to say to you, “Welcome to the “Elite Club” of wealthy folks who are always protected by personal guards”. At just $200 monthly.

So why wait any longer. Get yourself a camera set from our shop, by hitting the “SHOP NOW” button below.


1. CBS46. (Oct, 2021). Sandy Springs Police encourage people to crime proof their homes in wake of home invasions.

2. Washington Post. (Aug, 2021). Before Austin Lanz killed a Pentagon police officer, he was accused of targeting the couple next door.



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